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How RIM® helped me…

 I have been on a self-discovery mission for the past 30+ years.  It was about that time that I was introduced to “Possibility Thinking”. This way of thinking was so exciting to me.  As I listened to many motivational teachers, preachers and speakers, read many self-help and encouraging books, prayed, meditated, implemented to the best of my ability what I had learned, I came to the realization after about 25 years of thinking to myself, “Why am I not further along than this?”… “Why do I still think things that don’t serve me?”… “Why am I still holding myself back in different areas of my life?”… I felt stuck and bewildered. Then, during one of my recent trainings, I was introduced to the wonderful world of RIM®(Regenerating Images in Memory).  Wow, I had no idea of the beautiful journey that was before me.   The gentle yet powerful healing process of RIM® has helped me in so many ways. Now, instead of just powering through with positive thinking and exhausting myself in the process, I have released limiting beliefs, created better feeling thoughts and habits and completely released unnecessary burdens from my past.  In my opinion, RIM® is the most powerful technique for Breakthrough Awareness to living a happier and healthier life.  😊

What is RIM®

 RIM® is a powerful whole brain and body transformational technique that helps to swiftly identify and remove emotional blocks thus promoting a more vibrant life.  This powerful healing technique was developed by Dr. Deborah Sandella, Founder of the RIM® Institute.  RIM® is about uncovering and regenerating emotional suppression that may be causing dis-ease in your mind and body. The RIM® process allows you to regenerate your neurologically grounded sense of self in a profound way. Neuroscience findings support the efficacy of RIM® by explaining that the brain and nervous system is “plastic” or changeable. In 2000, a researcher at the College of William and Mary discovered that recalling a memory biochemically destabilizes it, so it can be recreated in an affirming way. 

Since your nervous system imprints an imagined experience similar to an actual experience, you can regenerate emotional body memory to create neurological-rooted positive endings to old hurt and pain. All the while, factual memory remains stable. Finally, during the RIM® process, you integrate a new body-centered feeling that automatically stimulates health in your mind, body and spirit. You begin to trust that life wants you to thrive and succeed.  

How RIM® works…

RIM® is a transformational therapeutic technique that utilizes an ability that our mind and body already have.  Our body is naturally designed to heal, support and sustain us. We are born with an Emotional Operating System (EOS) that is designed to organically dissolve negative feelings and boost positive ones.  Our inner reality reveals what is right, proper and true for our emotional wellbeing and when we are disconnected from that, it directly affects how we experience the world around us. Our EOS is here to protect us from things it deems harmful.  However, when our environment teaches us to suppress emotions in order to adapt and survive, we lose the connection and awareness between mind and body. Now our EOS is potentially confused and sometimes it is protecting us from things we no longer need protection from. Thus, unwittingly cultivating an environment of misinterpretations that lead to emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, inner conflict, self-defeating behaviors and disease. When we have these misinterpretations, it can make implementing new positive changes and goals more difficult, or even impossible. Some of the ways these emotional blocks may show up are in the form of indecision, procrastination, low self-esteem, hopelessness, fear, anxiety, stress, defensiveness and more.   If we are to move forward in our lives toward living a life that brings us energy and vibrancy, we must re-route and clear up any misinterpretations.  

Our body stores emotions.  Emotion is often defined as a complex state of feeling that results in physical and psychological changes that influence thought and behavior.  One of the ways we know this is if you were asked where you store your stress, you would most likely share; your head, neck, shoulders, stomach… exactly where it is unique to you.  When we experience emotional events that we are ill-equipped to handle at the time, we store that memory, unprocessed, in our body. Over time these unprocessed memories can manifest as aches and pains in the body like migraines, IBS, back pain, etc. as well as depression and anxiety.  

RIM® is a powerful client driven approach where the client’s subconscious/emotional mind determines what emotional debris is ready to be cleared for the most effective personalized healing. The client is always safe and in complete control of their own experience.   I, as your facilitator, will facilitate you through this closed eye, verbal, inner journey. Each session is unique in itself since it is your inner wisdom that is in the driver’s seat and brining to your attention the most self-sabotaging and limiting beliefs that have become disheartening habits.  After the session, you emerge with invigorating self-discovery and self-awareness; having released heaviness and unnecessary burdens. Ready to move forward in your life with more clarity, peace and happiness.  

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* RIM® is specifically contraindicated (not for) for those with diagnosed bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and/or paranoia, or any condition that interrupts the ability to discern reality.

 I participated in a RIM® session with Kari. We all have things in our pasts that sometimes affect our future. Kari gently and with love helps to unlock trauma, face it head on and change the way we perceive it, the way we deal with it and let go of it so it no longer has power over our mind or future. I left feeling as if a weight was lifted from me, thank you Kari, I truly appreciate you. 


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What Breakthrough Awareness Powered by RIM® can mean for you…

If you have ever found yourself wondering “What is my problem?”  “Why can’t I just change this way of thinking?” “Why does this thought that makes me feel awful keep coming up in my mind?” “Is this as good as my life can get?”  “Why can’t I control my emotions?”…

What if you could shed feelings like doubt, unworthiness, grief, depression, regret, shame and trade them in for certainty, worthiness, joy, happiness, contentment, and high self-esteem?  What would that be worth to you? Are you willing to let another year go by looking and feeling like the last?  

This is what America’s Success Coach Jack Canfield has to say about Dr. Deborah Sandella, my teacher and originator of Regenerating Images in Memory (RIM®)…

 “RIM® work produces such immediate and extraordinary emotional and physical results, it may at first appear unbelievable, but I have witnessed it in action in my own life and the lives of hundreds of my students and trainees and can testify to its profound impact.”

Jack Canfield    
NY Times bestselling author, Coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Soul® Series and The SuccessPrinciples; internationally renowned corporate trainer, keynote speaker, and popular radio and TV talk show guest.

This is why RIM® works! 

 Today is the day!

Choose to start your healing journey towards true happiness and complete fulfillment.   

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